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The pool's team consists of investors and analytics experts from traditional financial markets, who utilize their skills in the ICO market
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All our projects are analyzed independently by an analytics team, the result of which is packed into a four-page report that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the project for long-term investment
Four-page report — this is our standard report that presents the information and research about a given project. We use a traditional approach to conduct independent research about each project that we present to our pool.
You'll receive a thorough four-page report that will contain all the major information (that's not found in a white paper) about the project: market, competitors, tokenomics, SWOT analysis, potential for long-term investors.
We don't just check the numbers and forecasts of the project team, but do our own research from scratch. We take the product idea of every startup and make our own market research in-depth, assessing competitors and substitutes, solvent demand, etc. We apply traditional methods of investment analysis with risks, cash flow, and resale value analyses.
ICO 2.0 — this is the new era of the market; crowdsales for white paper projects are finished. The good news for the community is that the market is changing and entering its mature phase as it takes its the place in the markets of the fundraising world.

Howtotoken Pool
Howtotoken Pool — this is the team of experts from the VC market with proven experience in technology, which is why we collect only 1% of all projects that are interesting and viable for the long term, based on our own research. As an example, for the last two months we have assessed over 800 new ICOs and picked just two of them. That's a 0.5% pass rate for the projects that we deem have the highest chances for success.